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Orbital’s Touring Riser

A solid rolling platform for a legendary electronic artiste

The Proposal

Legendary electronic artistes Orbital required a riser system to accommodate their performance rig comprising an array of delicate electronics, irreplaceable synthesizers, and controllers that create the unique Orbital sound for their live performances.

The riser sat behind a 2m tall floor mounted LED screen, and had to be both rock solid, isolated from vibrations, and for festival shows also had to roll.

Finally the riser had to be “tour friendly” – modular to pack into limited truck space, whilst also being fast to assemble and dismantle.

The Outcome

Working closely with Tour Manager Jamie Young, Production Manager James Hind, and Lighting Supplier Coloursound Experiment, ZEROdB Live created a heavily braced LiteDeck based rolling riser capable of being set to various heights depending on each venue’s sight lines.  All braces were pre-built, allowing for installation times of approx 25 minutes from truck to complete with a team of two.

Separate detachable steps and landing platforms made the riser easier to store in the wings once built.  Custom insulation pads under the contact points eliminated the majority of vibrations.

For touring we created a unique storage solution, allowing the riser system to compact into in just 1.5m of truck space.

We also supplied a touring riser technician as part of the UK touring crew.


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  • One of the hardest working and consistently great staging providers in London. We've used ZEROdB Live since 2012
    — Allen Pelling, TG Productions
  • I love it when you’re here, everything goes right and I don’t have to worry.
    — Johnny Francis, Betty TV
  • So professional with your staging, the platform was perfectly level despite uneven ground. Really impressed, consider yourselves booked again next year.
    — John Waters, Pitshanger Park Community Association
  • Please say thank you to your team, a totally amazing show, low stress set up, so smooth and so good, truly awesome
    — David Wyrich, Cocoon
  • Once in a while you work with someone whose energy and passion makes you realise how much you love what you do. It keeps you fresh, excited and motivated. Thank you for today, I remember why I do this.
    — Tyler Crawford, Tour Manager – MAJICAL CLOUDZ
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