Rewriting the Rules – Hospitality Brixton “The Final”

In the round DJ Show at O2 Academy Brixton

The Proposal

To create an exciting and unique DJ Show at O2 Academy Brixton for the Award winning “Hospitality” – Club night from World Leading Record Label “Hospital Records”.  The Concept was a full 360 degree show with the DJs playing from a stage in the middle of the venue.

The Outcome

Brixton Academy has had “in the round” shows where the stage was moved forward into the audience, and the audience were allowed back on to the stage.

In 1999 “A Date With Destiny” saw the legendary battle between Fatboy Slim & Armand Van Helden, and Norman Cook returned to perform a solo in the round DJ show from a camper van.

The challenge for ZEROdB Live was to recreate the wall of bass and insane light shows that are the trademark of the Hospitality Brixton shows, whilst moving the performance stage into the audience.

The main restriction is the severely limited weight capacity of the roof over the audience, which quite simply is not designed to hang production. Sightlines and working space for the PA system also became more limited the further into the audience the stage moved.

Working closely with Mark O’Neill at Audio Plus and Tony Andrew of Funktion One to create lightweight flying frames for the new Funktion One VERO PA System, and Coloursound Experiment to purchase the lightest weight LED fixtures, the lighting rig and mid-tops of the PA were flown using a mother grid installed and designed by PTG Rigging.The subs were run as a mono block, and required custom infills built by Dragon Smoke Construction to direct the maximum sub energy forward.

ZEROdB live designed and project managed the entire event, and created and supplied the custom stage and DJ stand.

  • We've used ZEROdB Live to build our stages for over 8 years. We are so pleased with the quality of service and the ability to meet tight deadlines that I would be proud to recommend ZEROdB Live to any event manager who is in need of your services. You guys really do make things special
    — John Waters, Pitshanger Community Association
  • You can rely on Rob Stanley to deliver a professional production on any size. It's always a pleasure to work with him and his team.
    — Kris Hayes, Audio Plus
  • I have to thank you! We were really lucky to meet you and your very professional local crew in London. That made the day much easier than expected.
    — Sabrina Sudhoff, TDA Rental
  • Awesome to work with you today.  Despite thinking I knew everything there was to know about PA systems, I found love for a new loudspeaker.  Thanks for blowing my mind!
    — John Haynes, Braids
  • One of the hardest working firms in the Industry, ZEROdB Live consistently out perform other staging companies, Their kit is always arrives in great condition, and they know how to create wonderful stages and structures with it.  Their crew are also at the top of their game, professional, friendly, a delight to work with and always prepared to go that extra mile when required.
    — Allen Pelling, TG Productions Ltd

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