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Haymarket Hotel – Stage In A Pool

A day of getting wet building a unique and exciting stage

The Proposal

When our good friends at Coloursound Experiment asked us if we could build a stage in a swimming pool, the first thought was “Why not – everything is possible!?”  Less than a week later we were donning wetsuits, snorkels, and trying to fathom out how not to keep the stage dry so the carpet would stick to it!

The Outcome

We opted to use SC90 staging decks and S9600 Leg Frames to build the structure, mainly because the leg frames could be assembled “on dry land”, and featured adjustable feet to cater for the slight (8mm) variations on the floor of the pool. The S9600 Leg Frame also allowed a “floating” decks.

The visible underwater bracing and leg frames proved popular with the client, who suggested that despite our initial plans to wrap the sides of the stage in a reflective wrap the underwater architecture really gave the impression of “hardcore scaffolding action”.

Building a stage in a pool full of water adds a new exciting dimension to “work”. In the run up to the installation we performed a number of water sample tests and theoretical calculations to determine the likelihood of any corrosion of the aluminium or galvanised steel on the leg frames. Risk Assessing was considerably more involved than for a normal stage build, and PPE (specifically footwear that would prevent injury should a stage deck drop) was acquired.


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  • One of the hardest working and consistently great staging providers in London. We've used ZEROdB Live since 2012
    — Allen Pelling, TG Productions
  • I love it when you’re here, everything goes right and I don’t have to worry.
    — Johnny Francis, Betty TV
  • So professional with your staging, the platform was perfectly level despite uneven ground. Really impressed, consider yourselves booked again next year.
    — John Waters, Pitshanger Park Community Association
  • Please say thank you to your team, a totally amazing show, low stress set up, so smooth and so good, truly awesome
    — David Wyrich, Cocoon
  • Once in a while you work with someone whose energy and passion makes you realise how much you love what you do. It keeps you fresh, excited and motivated. Thank you for today, I remember why I do this.
    — Tyler Crawford, Tour Manager – MAJICAL CLOUDZ
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