GSK House – Tiered Seating Platform

LiteDeck tiered seating structure for both Pharma Europe and GSK’s Franchisee Meetings

The event space at GSK House has a number of features which make it a tricky venue to work in. Firstly the space is not square, with sweeping curves and pillars. In addition it is on the fourth floor with a lift which takes four stage decks per run. This lift is itself 500m from the loading bay, which is large enough for only four 18T vehicles at once.

The stage consisted of four tiers of staging, totalling over 80 LiteDeck 8×4 stages each. Load in had to be carefully managed to avoid disruption to the normal workings of the building, whilst allowing for the equivalent of three 18T vehicles to tip.

Working closely with our client ZEROdB Live were able to install the stage structure and clear the working area within five hours, allowing for the set build and in-filling to progress unhindered.

We then dressed each tier with high quality velour carpet, and jet black valance to give a polished finish,

The entire stage was loaded out in under five hours.





  • We've used ZEROdB Live to build our stages for over 8 years. We are so pleased with the quality of service and the ability to meet tight deadlines that I would be proud to recommend ZEROdB Live to any event manager who is in need of your services. You guys really do make things special
    — John Waters, Pitshanger Community Association
  • You can rely on Rob Stanley to deliver a professional production on any size. It's always a pleasure to work with him and his team.
    — Kris Hayes, Audio Plus
  • I have to thank you! We were really lucky to meet you and your very professional local crew in London. That made the day much easier than expected.
    — Sabrina Sudhoff, TDA Rental
  • Awesome to work with you today.  Despite thinking I knew everything there was to know about PA systems, I found love for a new loudspeaker.  Thanks for blowing my mind!
    — John Haynes, Braids
  • One of the hardest working firms in the Industry, ZEROdB Live consistently out perform other staging companies, Their kit is always arrives in great condition, and they know how to create wonderful stages and structures with it.  Their crew are also at the top of their game, professional, friendly, a delight to work with and always prepared to go that extra mile when required.
    — Allen Pelling, TG Productions Ltd

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