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  • — Allen Pelling, TG Productions
    One of the hardest working and consistently great staging providers in London. We've used ZEROdB Live since 2012

  • — Johnny Francis, Betty TV
    I love it when you’re here, everything goes right and I don’t have to worry.

  • — John Waters, Pitshanger Park Community Association
    So professional with your staging, the platform was perfectly level despite uneven ground. Really impressed, consider yourselves booked again next year.

  • — David Wyrich, Cocoon
    Please say thank you to your team, a totally amazing show, low stress set up, so smooth and so good, truly awesome

  • — Tyler Crawford, Tour Manager – MAJICAL CLOUDZ
    Once in a while you work with someone whose energy and passion makes you realise how much you love what you do. It keeps you fresh, excited and motivated. Thank you for today, I remember why I do this.